Developing a startup curriculum and moving it to an online version takes a lot more than copy and paste. This week I’ve been both mentoring and training the 500 startups mentees through a series of Zoom sessions and breakout rooms. This is somewhat easier than the mammoth event we did at the end of last year that also included Miro boards and I’m so looking forward to having Miro fully integrated into Zoom.

Exercises need far more planning, along with more documentation prepared in advance, shared Google Sheets and Google Docs and of course breakout rooms set up in advance when there’s more than four people. (Moving people into rooms manually can take a while).

There are the inevitable mistakes and the phrase of the pandemic “can you hear me” is still not one we’re going to forget soon. However, I do feel as though I can handle most things that get thrown at me now. All that remains is to tidy that spare room I seem to have been relegated to.