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Discovery Session

Booking a Discovery Session will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses within your workflow and processes.
You will understand what you can automate, optimise and remove from your workflow so you have more time to spend on what you love to do.

Discovery sessions are available for any and all of your technology. This can be Asana, Airtable, Pipedrive or it can be your existing systems. I’m not tied to any technology or partner so you will get an unbiased and honest opinion.

discovery session

Why have a discovery session?

Over the years I’ve seen so many people start to get increasingly annoyed with their IT, workflows and systems. They also spend too much time trying to ‘get around’ the problems rather than fixing the root cause. Which causes even more frustration. Sometimes the problem isn’t clear, or you just need a second opinion. 

This is what the discovery session is for. We’ll determine where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

After the call, you can choose to use the information you’ve learnt to ‘fix it yourself’ or hire me to help implement your project, doing the work for you or supporting you and your team.

What’s Included


60-90 Minute recorded video call – where we go through your workflow to see what we can automate, improve and simplify. You may ask anything you like. Even looking at your system in detail.

Follow-up summary – after the session I’ll send you summary of the call, the recording and any conclusions or recommendations that I’ve made.

A proposal – if you would like me to help in implementing your programme of work, fix any issues you have or train your team, I’ll send a short proposal for the work.

The Investment

Investing in yourself and your work contributes to moving forward in ways you didn’t think possible.

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