How to set up Pipedrive

How to set up Pipedrive

Setup your Organisation and Team

Setting up your organisation and teams within Pipedrive is the crucial first step to getting the structure to work for you. This part of Pipedrive setup is particularly important if deals are not shared across the entire team. So for example if your Sales team in France shouldn’t see deals in the US this is particularly important. Similarly if you have agents outside your organisation. You will need to consider this carefully if you want to track performance of teams and individuals.

I can guide you through this process, ensuring that your organisation’s structure and hierarchy are accurately represented within Pipedrive.

How to set up Pipedrive

Set up your Pipeline(s)

Every business has its own unique sales pipeline, and many cases multiple pipelines. Pipedrive offers incredible flexibility to accommodate your specific needs. This is probably one of the most important areas of Pipedrive setup. The trick being to keep it simple and not add in unnecessary stages. When you have multiple pipelines it is crucial to ensure there’s no overlap and be clear about which pipeline should be used.

If you’re on one of the higher plans we can look at notifications and automations as deals move from stage to stage.

Import Contacts

Your existing contacts are a valuable asset, and migrating them into Pipedrive seamlessly is crucial for maintaining continuity in your sales efforts. Rubbish in = Rubbish out. This is a good point to cleanse your data and ensure that all of the essential information is accurately captured. I can help you avoid any data loss or duplication, and your team will have immediate access to vital contact details, facilitating effective communication and relationship-building as you move from your old system to Pipedrive.

Pipedrive Setup

Import/Add Deals

Managing your deals effectively is at the core of driving revenue growth. I’ll help you import or add your existing deals into Pipedrive, allowing you to track them and move them as fast as possible to Won. With the ability to define deal stages, assign owners, and create activities, you’ll gain complete control of your sales pipeline. We can look at loss reasons, expectations in timing between stages, deal values at a per stage or overall perspective and any other details that will help speed up the process and turn leads into customers.


Before fully integrating Pipedrive into your marketing and sales process, it’s crucial to test the system thoroughly to ensure everything is functioning as expected. Once this is done, I can provide detailed training sessions with your team(s). I can go through all of the aspects of Pipedrive, linking it to email, calendar, using the App and anything that makes it easier to move deals through the pipeline.

Once it works – set up automation

Automation is the next step in improving your sales process. Once your Pipedrive setup is complete and thoroughly tested, we can look at setting up automation rules and workflows. From automated lead assignments and follow-up reminders to task creation and email sequences, freeing up your team’s time and allowing them to focus on what they do best: closing deals and delighting customers.

Still not sure?

If all this still looks a little daunting, and you’re still not sure how to set up Pipedrive, then why not get some help and have me work with you and your team to set this up together. Just set up a FREE call to go through the details.

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