ConvertKit – How to Edit or Delete Tags?

ConvertKit – How to Edit or Delete Tags

Today I have a quick tutorial about Convertkit and how to delete a Tag or edit a Tag.

This came about as I wanted to clear up my mailing list and remove all of the old tags and those that I’d used in the past but were no longer needed. 

I just couldn’t find how to do this and the videos I found on YouTube were out of date from 2017 and the Convertkit web pages have since changed. It’s a really simple thing when you know how. I just couldn’t see it. 

So in this video I wanted to work out how I could delete these tags in Convertkit. Here I have all of my tags and there are way too many of them. So I kind of wanted to do a little bit of tidying up. So for example here I’ve got tags that have zero subscribers so I just wanted
to get rid of them.

If you click onto the tag itself it comes up with with nothing. There is essentially nothing on the screen. I’m thinking is there a right click but it just gives the browser options and I just could not work out if I go to you know some of the white or some other subscribers it brings up this beautiful graph and if I scroll down I can see the subscribers themselves. I couldn’t work out how to delete the tag itself.

So okay what do I do ? There’s only when I got one of these with zero subscribers there was
nothing there and then I spotted this. It’s quite well hidden. I would have loved to have seen a button that says “edit” or something you know like this and subscribers it’s pretty visual.

I thought I was reasonably technical. I thought I would have been able to find this. I went
searching on Google and YouTube and couldn’t come up with anything.

It’s this little edit link so here.

We have this tag we can change the name to whatever we want, but actually in my case I just wanted to delete it. So click delete and scroll down and it’s gone.

So that is how you delete a tag in Convertkit

I thought it was going to be super simple. It took me ages to find it. I hope this helps

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