My favourite productivity apps on the ipad (2021)

In this video I’ll be going through my 10 favourite productivity apps on my iPad Pro. Some of these apps work well with the Apple Pencil which is my preferred way to take notes on the iPad.

00:00​ – Intro
00:29​ – 10. Instapaper
01:09​ – 9. Procreate
01:43​ – 8. Books
02:20​ – 7. Kindle
03:11​ – 6. Storyshots
03:47​ – 5. Notion
04:47​ – 4. Evernote
05:41​ – 3. Fantastical
06:29​ – 2. ToDoist
07:11​ – 1. Notability


In this video I’ll be going through my 10 favourite productivity apps on my ipad pro. Some of these apps work well with the apple pencil which is my preferred way to take notes on the iPad.

In this video I’m going to look at my favourite iPad Apps that I’ve been using over the last year. Whilst I do change my Apps from time to time the majority I’ve been using for much longer.
If you’re a #productivitynerd too you might want to check these out for yourself. I’m always interested in new Apps to try so if you think there’s something I missed let me know.


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10: Instapaper

This is a great app for saving interesting content on the web for reading later. As you come across interesting web pages, content or pretty much anything you just click the share button and save it for reading later. Everything is stored on your Instapaper account and you can then read it on any device at your leisure. One of the great things is that you can also share YouTube videos and Instapaper will store these in the video section.

9: Procreate

I’d heard great things about this App and took lessons on Skillshare and it looked great but sadly I’ve not spent the time on learning how to use it properly. I know that all my artist friends use it and a few architects too, so if you’re the artistic type this is definitely worth checking out.

8: Books

The apple reader is my most used reader. For some reason I seem to pick up books in iPub format more than I do in Kindle. I’m an avid reader getting through around fifty books a year. I like the clean interface and the sync across devices, albeit I’ve had a few sync issues with iCloud this year. Apple Books also syncs with Readwise so I can save my highlights.

7: Kindle

Since the iPad is my #1 reading device it wouldn’t be complete without the Kindle reader. I still love my old paperwhite kindle device which is unbeaten for reading in full sun (hold up the kindle) Most of the time I’m indoors and can use the iPad perfectly well. I love the new readwise integration which saves my highlights and emails me random selections every evening.

6: StoryShots

I picked up a discounted membership and whilst nothing is as good as reading the full book, if you’re not sure a particular book is going to be for you, you can read a short summary, listen to audio narration and sometimes see a video of many of the popular books.

5: Notion

I have this multi-use thing with Notion and I’ve built so many pages and created so much content and then either not used it or deleted the pages a few months later. I primarily use it for managing my business and for coming up with content for YouTube and the web and I share some of my Notion pages with my Content Superhero Lucy so she can comment on my drafts and we can share the schedule and ideas for new stuff.
I think if I were starting to use productivity apps from scratch I’d probably start with Notion as you can pretty much do everything with it. From creating web pages to making databases.

4: Evernote

Despite the recent software problems I’ve started picking up Evernote again. I’ve also tried Ulysses, and Drafts, as well as having a few things still in Apple Notes but Evernote has my life in it from 2008 and so with that sort of investment its tough to give up.
I know there’s sill missing functionality on the other platforms that infuriates me no end , but they do seem committed to rearchitecting the software to last so I’m going to stick with them a little longer and see what happens.

3: Fantastical

If you have multiple calendars as I do working for multiple clients and you want to see everything in one place then Fantastical is for you. It was a bit more expensive compared to other Apps with similar features, but once set up its great. There’s a natural language input for adding events and it syncs to multiple calendars and apps. Its one of those apps that when set up, ‘just works’

2: ToDoist

As you may know I love ToDoist having used ALL of the productivity apps over the years. ToDoist is the one I’ve stuck with the longest. I love the filters, the natural language inputs, cross-device syncing, linking to Apps and it even has Zapier integration for my automation scripts. What more can you ask from a Task Manager.

1: Noteability

This is my Most used App and it takes advantage of the Apple pencil. This is the app that transitioned me from the traditional notebook to the electronic one (holds up notebook). I really love the process of actual writing and this is the closest you get. This is my go to app for taking notes in meetings and all of my mentoring notes for my startups are in here . I even managed to get Noteability working as a whiteboard in a Zoom call to explain things to one of my startups last week. I love the simplicity of the interface. The only downside is that it doesn’t sync with the Mac. There used to be a Mac App but it was so rubbish and simply didn’t work at all for me (and everyone else by the comments) that its now been removed from the Mac App store.

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My Favourite iPad Productivity Apps (2021)

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