Asana Consultant Prices

I offer project based pricing based on results, where we agree the solution you need and I work to deliver that solution. Simple.

The best way to obtain the most detailed pricing and  is book the free consultation, you also get to ask any burning questions and I can explain how I work.

I don’t do hourly rate ad-hoc work. If you just need a short piece of consultancy I recommend the Discovery Workshop where we can look at  your issues in detail and I can offer a detailed diagnosis and solutions within the session. I can also provide you with a proposal for the solution if required.

If you would like to do more than your current budget allows, I will help you prioritise the activities to fit to your budget.
Asana Consultant Pricing

Detailed Asana Consultant Pricing

On average clients invest the following in a project but this varies in terms of complexity and time required:

  • Small Projects – 1-3k
  • Medium Projects – 2-5k
  • Large Projects – 4-10k

I work in three main ways:

  • I can just explain to you how to complete the work, and you do it.
  • I can work with you to complete the work and pass on the knowledge to your team.
  • I can do the work on your behalf.
discovery session

Not sure what you need ?

Booking a Discovery Session will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses within your workflow and processes.
You will understand what you can automate, optimise and remove from your workflow so you have more time to spend on what you love to do.

Discovery sessions are available for any and all of your technology. This can be Asana, Airtable, Pipedrive or it can be your existing systems. I’m not tied to any technology or partner so you will get an unbiased and honest opinion.

International Clients

My client base is international covering all continents. All of my work is conducted online through remote connection and Teams/Zoom/Hangouts sessions. I’ve been working remotely for over 12 years so understand benefits and downsides of working this way.

We simply had no idea that our cut and paste based processes could all be automated. We saved so many hours in just adding and formatting data in spreadsheets. Chris just automated it all with Zapier.



Chris showed us how to link our website to our CRM system with Zapier, from there we started automating things in G-Suite and getting notifications in Slack. We continue to use Zapier in all our processes.


Marketing Associate

What is Asana

What is Asana

An Introduction to Asana Asana is an all-encompassing project management tool designed to streamline collaboration and communication within teams. Its functionality spans task assignment, timeline creation, progress tracking, and much more, making it an ideal platform...

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Pipedrive – How do I see won deals?

Pipedrive - How do I see won deals? Today I have a quick tutorial about Pipedrive and finding deals that have been marked as Won. This came about as a request from a client, they were adding a stage at the end of Pipedrive marked Won, because they didn't like the way...

How to delete custom fields in Asana

How to delete custom fields in Asana

How to delete custom fields in Asana Today I have a quick tutorial about Asana and deleting custom Fields. This came about as a request from a client, they typically asked "how do I delete a custom field in Asana" so let's take a look. Here we have our Asana project...

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