You can’t change the photo for this account – fixed

You can’t change the photo for this account – fixed

This video is about changing your profile picture after the error – You can’t change the photo for this account. This generally happens on GSuite accounts. For me this showed up where I couldn’t change my YouTube profile picture. YouTube suggested I fix this in my GSuite account but I couldn’t change it there either. This video shows you how to fix it your GSuite admin settings.

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In this video I wanted to show you how to fix one of these problems with Google settings. I first discovered this problem when here on my YouTube channel my profile photo didn’t appear. I couldn’t find where to change this photo. I used to have this brown ‘C’ and what’s really interesting is when you attempt to edit this photograph, you go into the settings within YouTube and YouTube tells you you need to change this within your Google account and then within your Google account you get this error that appears on the screen and it says in this error

“ you can’t change the photo for this account”

It just gets a little bit infuriating and i’ve had this problem for a few months I’ve done a few Google searches and there are many people with this issue but today I discovered how to fix it so you need to log into your Gsuite account and then go to the main menu and then directory and directory settings and you can see here there’s this profile editing section.

I don’t know why it’s so hidden but you can see here you can you can’t change your name and you can’t change your photo and you can’t change your gender. The settings are not ticked by default and so that means that that people cannot change their photo even though they may see their photo changed on their Google profile.

Click save and it will update the user and the user can then go back and change their picture on their Google profile page.

So that’s how to change your profile picture on your Gsuite account.

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