Where are deleted tasks in Asana ?

Where are deleted tasks in Asana?

In this video I’m going to show you how find the tasks you accidentally deleted in Asana. 


I wanted to just go through a quick review of where deleted tasks go.

Inside asana, let’s create a new task. This is our new task and it’s assigned
to me. What we can do is sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes things disappear
sometimes we’re just human and we accidentally do things.
Here we’re going to delete this task.

It’s gone now.

I haven’t deleted it permanently just for the sake of this demonstration but
if you want to find it again and this is a good thing for managers or project managers you
might want to just keep an eye on this every so often.

In the side your favorites which is generally rolled up, one of the items in here is deleted
items and we can see that these are all of the deleted items. These are the ones
I deleted this morning doing some testing and here is our task that we deleted.

If I delete this permanently it’s gone so it’s also gone from the deleted items.

This is great for just finding those accidental things but if people do delete things permanently they
are indeed permanently deleted.

That was just an overview of deleted tasks in Asana.

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Where are deleted tasks in Asana?

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Where are deleted tasks in Asana

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