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Women’s Startup Mentor

I’ve closed off the last session of mentoring the Women in Tek Network, working with Asia Foundation toward the end of last year. The programme will continue into 2021 though some of the format of the support will change as startups mature and lessons are learnt.

Startup Mentor – 500 Startups / Angkor 500

Toward the end of 2021, I also became a mentor for the new Angkor 500 startup programme. This is a partnership of 500 Startups and Khmer Enterprise who are the innovation arm of the Cambodian Government. I’ve helped interview a wide variety of founders with some really cool products. As ever there’s a huge range of abilities and progress. Some are almost at a point of investment readiness, with good growth and revenue. Others are really at the ideation stage and have a long way to go. Such is the broad and sometimes frustrating startup ecosystem in Cambodia.


In honesty, I love working as a mentor with startups and small business owners. The variety and enthusiasm from entrepreneurs is just fantastic.
As a startup mentor, my role is generally advice based but normally there’s a particular area of expertise required. The most common is in growth marketing. Really startups are looking to build the growth curve and show potential investors that with additional funding they can get up that curve quicker and overtake or beat their competitors. This could be through social media, SEO, inbound marketing or a combination of all of these areas and more.

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Startup Mentor Phnom Penh

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