Asana Consultant

Remote Asana Consultant

Using Asana to grow your business, improve Sales, manage Projects and collaborate with teams. Helping you make the most of task management.

Remote Asana Consultant

Improve Internal & External Communication

Prioritise, resource, assign and communicate every project task, so everyone knows what’s happening, who is assigned and when the tasks will be completed. Chat within Asana and solve problems within the workspace.

Asana Project Management

Do you need help in the best way to set up projects, working with Asana within your teams?  Do you need training on best practice, the do’s and don’ts of using Asana. How about integrating your existing business systems, like your CRM, your website and other third party applications through automation. Let us help, so you can just concentrate on achieving your goals and growing the business.

Virtual Asana Consultant

Asana Consulting

Some of our Asana consulting services are summarised below, but each project is tailored to the needs of your team and your business. We can also provide a mix of training, consulting and automation within a project.

Asana Training

We train teams, departments, individuals, project managers and a whole host of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Improving Efficiency

We show you how a just a little Asana consulting can save you huge amounts of time, and better utilise resources.

Asana Implementation

Moving over from another task management system. We can help you set up and structure your data with best practice in mind.

Asana Support

Have Asana already running and have made great progress, but just need support for those tricky integrations.

Project Management

We can explain best practice in taking a regular projects and turning it into an Asana projects. Using Prince2 ? No problem.


Yes, you can connect Asana to a whole host of other online systems, G-Mail, Evernote, Your Website, Your CRM system etc


We help you save time and effort by automating data entry and notifications. Slack, CRM, e-Mail and many other applications.

Ticketing System

We can help you manage customer issues, track bugs and project issues managing status and assignments to the right person.

Single User

Asana is not just for teams. We can help you make the best of task management as the sole user.

What will an Asana consultant do ?

The answer is primarily to help your business or team reach their goals with Asana. This can be through many aspects. Saving time by clearer communication, better processes, an improved workflow. Project and Task Management can become complex if they aren’t well structured, goals and tasks not clearly communicated and resources not available when needed.

Its the role of the virtual Asana consultant to review how you as a team use Asana. Where you feel the sticking points are and what good would look like for you. Then through series training sessions, structural changes, and process improvements facilitate a change to how you work with Asana.

Much of the work can be accomplished by simplification, linking to your other systems and automating manual data entry from websites, e-mail, CRM systems and using notifications rather than sending yet more e-mail.

Virtual Asana Consultant

A very positive experience. It’s brilliant to see how much easier things are with an expert to hand.

– Deirdre Callahan

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