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Pipedrive Training

Using Pipedrive

Pipedrive Training and Best Practice

Training on Pipedrive is essential for any organisation that wants to get the most out of the platform. Pipedrive training covers all the essentials, from setting up your account, team and organisation, creating and managing contacts, deals and leads, utilising automated features for efficiency, and leveraging insights from pipeline analysis. It is also important to understand the best practices for integration with other tools and platforms, workflow rules, event triggers, optimising sales processes through automation, and custom fields to organise data. By having a comprehensive understanding of Pipedrive’s features and capabilities through proper training, teams will be able to maximise their use of the platform to drive business success.

I can also migrate you from other CRM systems. Salesforce, Hubspot or others.
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Essential Pipedrive Training Topics

Pipedrive training covers all of the essential areas and we can tailor subjects to be specific to your industry or sector. Our most popular training subjects are:

1. Setting Up Your Account and Organization
2. Creating and Managing Contacts, Deals and Leads
3. Using Automated Features for Efficiency
4. Utilizing Custom Fields to Organize Your Data
5. Collaborating in Pipedrive with Multiple Users
6. Analyzing Sales Data with Advanced Reports
7. Integrating Pipedrive with Other Platforms and Tools
8. Understanding Workflow Rules and Event Triggers
9. Optimizing Your Sales Processes Through Automation
10. Leveraging Insights from Pipeline Analysis

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Pipedrive consultant
Pipedrive consultant


Lead Generation and Pipedrive CRM

Lead generation training within Pipedrive CRM is essential for any organisation that wants to effectively capture and convert new customer prospects. Successful lead generation training should cover the basics of developing a strategy, leveraging data and analytics, utilising effective sales and marketing technologies, as well as crafting high-converting copy and content. Additionally, it’s important to stay on top of industry trends by researching competitors, understanding best practices when it comes to lead segmentation, conversational marketing tactics, targeted email campaigns within Pipedrive, and event marketing strategies. With an understanding of how to develop customized lead generation strategies from all these sources, organizations will be able to identify growth opportunities and optimize their efforts for maximum return.

Pipedrive Consultant


Marketing, Conversion Funnel, Team Building, and Scaling Up

Marketing and conversion funnels are intimately linked to your Pipedrive CRM system. Pipedrive captures customer data and gives insights into customer behaviour and preferences. This helps your team create personalised campaigns that are tailored towards a customer’s individual interests, improving the chances of conversions. The Pipedrive training overlays your conversion funnel and marketing activities onto your pipeline giving you visibility of pipeline stages and reporting on activity within those stages.
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My Approach ToPipedrive Training

The whole process of moving our e-mail and files to G-Suite was transparent. We left the office on Friday evening and returned again on Monday morning and everything was done. Brilliant. 


International NGO

We really needed better integration to our marketing and customer management tools and Chris advised us that G-Suite would be a far better solution than the one we had. – We didn’t regret the decision, its so much easier now.


Marketing Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Pipedrive Consultant Cost ?

Projects start from $750 but really depend on the scale and complexity of the work involved. If you just need an hour of my time then you can book a Discovery Session to work on, or discuss anything you need help with.

I can offer a range of options in terms of just offering advice and solutions, helping you and your implement the solution or doing all of the work on your behalf.

Take a look at the Pipedrive Pricing page for more details.

What is Pipedrive Consulting?

I help organisations better set up and use Pipedrive to get the best out of the features that are available. This can be teams or individuals. I also spend a lot of time helping clients integrate Pipedrive into their websites, and task management systems meaning that a lot of once manual tasks become automated creating a better experience for potential new customers.

How Do I Know if a Pipedrive Consultant Is Right for Me?

Hopefully you’ve understood what I offer but why not take advantage of the free 30minute call to discuss your exact needs and the outcomes you’re looking for. Click here to schedule a call.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?
Yes. Many clients ask me to help with other areas of their business, and particularly their workflow. This can cover e-mail, file storage, database development, G-Suite integration and automating tasks between their systems.
Do You Only Work With Established Companies?
I work with solo entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses primarily. Generally clients are looking to make a step change in what they do and often this covers Pipedrive and their own productivity, process and communication. I can also help with G-Suite, Systems Integration and Automation.
Pipedrive Promo Code

Pipedrive Promo Code

Pipedrive Promo Code The regular Pipedrive trial lasts for 14 days where you have an opportunity to evaluate the software, platform, features and generally get the feel for the potential for Pipedrive to support your sales workflow long term. Sometimes, however, this...

CRM & Sales Automation Consultant

CRM & Sales Automation Consultant

Sales and CRM Workflow Automation Consultant I help businesses improve their Sales workflow by designing and improving the tasks they undertake. Then I go through automating this workflow and making a series of incremental improvements. This helps the sales team save...

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