How to integrate Pipedrive to Mailigen

This video shows how to integrate Pipedrive with Mailigen and have your contacts synchronise automatically between your CRM and your Mailing List Manager. 


Pipedrive Mailigen Integration – In this video I explain the integration of Pipedrive with Mailigen. I’ve been a Pipedrive user for some time and I’m a little surprised that more people don’t use the Mailigen integration. I like the smoothness of the integration and expect this to improve now that Pipedrive bought the Mailigen organisation.

I have it set up so that when someone signs up to my newsletter they appear as a contact within Pipedrive and then appear within the all subscribers within my Mailigen mailing list.

I will demonstrate the process, and how it’s all put together.

I add a new signup to my web page and click subscribe, we hear the Slack message arrive to say that they’ve been added to Pipedrive. (I’ll talk about that in another video.)

Let’s take a look at Pipedrive. Here is our new signup and it includes her name and her email address.

This has been a connection from WordPress through Gravity forms, such that the data appears within Pipedrive. This happens within seconds, but the really good thing is that this then synchronises with Mailigen and we can see that our new subscriber has been added to the All Subscribers list and from here we can add her to other segments.

To connect Pipedrive to Mailigen, we can see from the settings menu in Mailigen we just connect our account from the button in the top corner. But Mailigen have added a link to a video to show you how to do this if you get stuck. It’s pretty straightforward.

That’s it, this is how its done.