Pipedrive Mailigen – copy clicked url in campaign to contact notes

Pipedrive Mailigen

This video shows how to pass the url that a subscriber clicked in an email campaign, back to the notes section of Pipedrive for that contact. 


This video looks at some of the linking between Pipedrive and Mailigen and after installing Mailigen I wanted to
understand what my subscribers were looking at in terms of the links they clicked on within my newsletter.

The one thing i noticed that the information is actually passed back to Pipedrive but the link in the notes is that of the campaign mail and not of the actual link that the subscriber clicked on.

So in this campaign the email was sent and then we see that the recipient opened it and then we can see that the recipient
clicks on the link but this particular link doesn’t tell you which link within the newsletter that the subscriber actually clicked on and I wanted that information passed back into pipe drive and shortly after I had a client with exactly the same problem so I thought i’d better try and understand how to fix it. I did contact Pipedrive who did say “yep you’re probably right Chris we probably ought to fix this but as yet they they haven’t fixed it and so there is no solution other than the workaround I’m about to show you.

So if we look within Mailigen itself there is a web hook and if you click on this web hook link you can see that there’s the actual url that gets passed back. I decided to fix this with Zapier so I wanted to send updates made by the subscribers when they clicked on the email but I wanted to pass the information of the actual link itself back into Pipedrive.

Fortunately this web hook, this long string of information, does actually contain the actual link to the url itself so
in order to solve that you can see that we’ve got the link set up here but I wanted it in a note.

The only way for me to fix it was to create a zap.

Mailigen provides you with the web hook and you can link that pretty easily. Then we have to go through the process of
looking for the specific subscriber so I had to do a find for the individual person using their email address.

Then I created a note within Pipedrive that has the campaign name and here is that piece of data, the actual link itself that i’ve taken out of the webhook. It finds the person from the action above and then pins that note within the Pipedrive notes. Interestingly then you could go on and I did some testing for the client they wanted some of these notes to go in a spreadsheet and then you could add the usual Slack message if you really want to.

So then what happens if we look back into the link after we’ve implemented the Zap we can see another newsletter here so I
updated this for my November newsletter and the contact opened the email but now I have this all-important information.
It says that the user clicked on the link to my Instagram account so now i have that all-important link within my Pipedrive notes for this particular subscriber.

If you have a massive mailing list and you have hundreds of thousands of people on the list then they’re all going to click links then it could get particularly expensive by using Zapier but I saw this as an interim solution.

So that’s it. That’s how relatively simply to link your Mailigen mail campaigns to understand which links were clicked and get that information passed back to Pipedrive notes.

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