Tutorial – Pipedrive into Asana – Automatically creating Projects and Tasks when a deal is won

How to create an Asana project and tasks when a Pipedrive deal is won

This video shows how to set up Zapier to connect to Pipedrive and Asana such that when a deal is won an Asana project is set up and tasks can be added and assigned.



Pipedrive into Asana

In this video I wanted to show you how I have integrated Pipedrive and Asana through Zapier such that I can remove a manual step when a deal is won. The automation I’ve created is that when i win a new deal Pipedrive will automatically create the project within Asana and also add tasks within that project.

You can add in a set of tasks so this will be useful for an organisation that sells either standardised products or standardised services, where there’s a relatively fixed set of tasks for each project that is created.

As I’ve set this up with Zapier at the end of this workflow, I’ve also added a notification in Slack such that I get a notification when completed. This is useful when I’m on the road as the notification arrives on my iPhone.

From this example, the deal title is the name of the project but this can be modified as required. I’ve also added two tasks in this project but you can add as many as you like. You can also assign tasks to specific people and add dates.

The crucial piece of this is in the Zapier setup and the filter to ensure that the creation of the project is done on “Won” and any other movement between stages will be ignored. The ID is just the pipeline within Pipedrive I’m using for the demo.

This is a relatively straightforward and simple setup, but it saves a huge amount of time and things just happen. Definitely what business automation is all about.

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