Pipedrive – How do I see won deals?

Pipedrive – How do I see won deals?

Today I have a quick tutorial about Pipedrive and finding deals that have been marked as Won.

This came about as a request from a client, they were adding a stage at the end of Pipedrive marked Won, because they didn’t like the way Pipedrive removed the Won (and Lost) deals from the pipeline and they weren’t familiar enough with Pipedrive to know how to find the Won deals.

Not marking your deals as Won or Lost means that your deal will be open infinitely. This makes all the data in your sales insights wrong. Really you need to find a prospect and close the deal as fast as possible. It also means that it’s more difficult to understand why deals are won and lost. Not best practice.


This is just a short video about Pipedrive and specifically about where Won deals go when the deal is actually won. There are two issues here the first issue is that when you click on a deal and it’s Won, the deal actually disappears from your pipeline and clients often come back to me and say I have no idea where that deal has gone, I can’t find it.

The second issue is that if you leave this column at the end and you never actually click Won or Lost for that matter
you end up with a whole pile of deals that are never won.
If you’re tracking your statistics, particularly if you’re working with a team the amount of time for that deal to be Won is infinite because it’s never actually won or lost. Statistically if you look at your insights they really are over all over
the place and they don’t really tell you anything. Whereas the goal is to take a deal from the point that you find the prospect and close it in terms of winning as fast as possible.

I should point out here that we’re talking specifically about Won deals but this also applies to deals that are Lost, in fact that if they are never marked as lost they are open infinitely and clutter up your pipeline. This applies to both Won and Lost deals.

So here we are with our pipeline and here we have all of the open deals. I kind of do a similar thing. I’ve got a few here that are Lost In The Weeds not really won not really lost. I need to sort this out so I am as guilty as some for having done this. Really I should Mark these as won or lost. Let’s take this deal for example on the bottom here. If I mark this as one as Won I get the animations and if we take a look at our deals pipeline we can see that this has now disappeared.

The question then comes is where has this gone and if we look at the filter here Pipedrive actually has these built in.
Quite often you’ll open it and it’ll open it on your favourites. Sometimes it’ll open it on owners, but actually it’s in the filters. You can see I’ve starred this one so it’s now my favourites. I suggest you do the same but all Won deals is actually built into Pipedrive as a default filter and then
if we click on it it shows all Won deals. We can see all of the deals that we won and in which stage of the pipeline they were won.

Similarly, built into this by default is all of the Lost deals so we can see a whole raft of lost deals here and again this is where they sit within the stages of the pipeline when they were lost.

There is another way to do this if you want to search for a
specific deal and just put in something from the title so I’ve stepped in here and we can see that this you can go straight to this deal and it is marked as Won and similarly deals are marked as a Lost as well so if you just want to find a Won
or Lost deal and you know what the title is or piece of the title you can just use the search bar.

So that’s it really. That’s how you find your Won and Lost
deals within Pipedrive.

If you found this video useful I have a couple more Pipedrive videos that are available on my Channel please feel free to take a look if you are interested in the tips and tricks related to your CRM system.

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