Thank You

Thank you so much for booking a Free Pipedrive Consultancy session.

The session works in two ways:

Firstly for you to explain your issues, ask questions and understand how the consultancy works. I’ll explain the process, what I need from you and what you can expect from me.

Secondly, I get to understand your current and potentially future problems. This helps me work out what you need, how Pipedrive fits into your business and what other tools and systems you use. This helps me gather enough information with which to build a proposal.

Once we complete the call, I normally send a proposal out within 24hrs.
There is no obligation on your part to go ahead with the work. Advice is always free.
Projects typically start within 7 days of you agreeing the proposal.

I ask just one thing. Please show up for the call, if you need to re-schedule or cancel for any reason use the links in the confirmation email. This way other clients can take your slot.

I look forward to talking to you soon.