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Pipedrive Probability – (Deal and Stage)

Pipdrive Probability - (Deal & Stage) In this video I explain how to set probability in Pipedrive both at the deal level as well as at the stage level.I also show you where you can take a reference point in setting your stage probabilities.In this video i'm going...

Asana – How to make a subtask a task

Asana - how to make a subtask a task In this video I’m going to show you how to turn a task into a subtask and vice-versa in Asana. Sometimes you need to re-arrange your projects, and as a part of that you may need to move tasks and subtasks. This is easy when you...

How to delete a workspace in Asana

How to delete a workspace in Asana. In this video I’m going to show you how to delete a workspace in Asana. You would think that this doesn’t warrant a video explanation, but there’s no delete workspace option in the menu and so you have to go through a short process...
  • #Startup Graduation

    startup showcase

    I spent Sunday afternoon watching the final sessions of some of my mentees graduating the second startup ideation programme. #startups #angkor500 #500startups

  • Cambodian Startup Scene

    Cambodia Startup Scene

      It’s a small ecosystem, but the Cambodian Startup Scene is a friendly and close-knit one. We disagree sometimes. It has the same faces probably too often and it constantly berates the Development Sector and NGO’s for dabbling i things they don’t understand. Somehow though, it produces a few successes...Read More

  • Startup Growth Strategies

    startup growth strategies

    The first thing you want to do when you start a new business is figure out how to grow it. This is especially true for startups, because you don’t have any funding and can’t afford to lose money. It’s a common misconception that you need a huge amount of capital..Read More

  • Training Mentors – 500 Startups Angkor 500

    training mentors

    Training mentors – A long, but very enjoyable session online getting to meet the new mentors for the new 500 startups cohorts. There was an opportunity to meet old friends, but also an opportunity to meet a few new mentors too. There’s that “how come we’ve not met before ?”..Read More

  • Moving the Startup Curriculum online

    startup curriculum

    Developing a startup curriculum and moving it to an online version takes a lot more than copy and paste. This week I’ve been both mentoring and training the 500 startups mentees through a series of Zoom sessions and breakout rooms. This is somewhat easier than the mammoth event we did..Read More

  • Presenting TravelTech to Students – 500 Startups

    Technology Consultant Cambodia

    I spent Sunday afternoon talking about Technology in the travel industry, with 40 Students from the Kirirom Institute of Technology. The event was hosted by 500 Startups. I really love the Q&A sessions. I get asked the most random (yet awesome) questions. I talked about some of their side-projects, how..Read More

  • Ecommerce outlook Cambodia – Britcham

    ecommerce outlook cambodia

      Presenting on the ecommerce outlook in Cambodia in Britcham’s first webinar of the year. Loved the last question from the audience – “How do we become rich?”

  • Startup Mentor Phnom Penh

    startup mentor phnom penh

    Women’s Startup Mentor I’ve closed off the last session of mentoring the Women in Tek Network, working with Asia Foundation toward the end of last year. The programme will continue into 2021 though some of the format of the support will change as startups mature and lessons are learnt. Startup..Read More

  • Chief of Party SWAP Cambodia (Solid Waste Accountability Platform)

    Taking on a new role: Triangle Environmental Health Initiative (TE), headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, USA, Chief of Party (COP) – managing partnerships and lead the administrative direction on a three-year, USAID-funded project to improve the efficacy of civic technology in solid waste management. The Solid Waste Accountability Platform (SWAP)..Read More

  • Mentoring at The Women in Tek Network

    Women in Tek Mentoring

    I’m in the process of extending my mentoring to the Women in Tek Network, working with Asia Foundation to support the 18 women led businesses through the startup maturity and growth stages. The program is supported by USAID through WE Act project of PACT, in Improving the Women Technology Startup..Read More

  • Teaching Digital Strategy with the Women in Tek Network

    Digital Strategy

    Today I’m talking about building a Digital Strategy with the Women in Tek Network.

  • Speaking at ITB Berlin

    ITB Berlin Chris Wray

    I’m speaking at ITB in Berlin about some of the challenges we’ve faced in managing the overlap of people and technology. Building Impact Explorer hasn’t been easy when our homestay owners don’t speak English and have no real idea what the internet is. They certainly won’t have email.

  • Consultant – Technology, Environmental Monitoring, M&E Database, Asana Project Management

    SMART Connect Environmental Monitoring

    Work with USIAD’s primary contractor Tetratech and the Cambodian Ministry of Environment to build and test Law Enforcement and Environmental monitoring software and handheld application (SMART) in the GPL protected landscape in Cambodia. Creation of Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms and connection and testing of SMART handheld devices. The..Read More

  • Google and Amazon AWS Partner

    Google and Amazon AWS Partner

    I’m now a Google Partner and an Amazon AWS Partner. Meaning that the Amazon Cloud services and Google GSuite setups I’ve been working on for the last few years are now ‘Official’

  • Teaching SEO and Content Writing

    SEO Content Writing Workshop

    We’re teaching social media managers, bloggers and business owners about content marketing and SEO at our Workshop in ASIA Foundation.

  • Impact Explorer joins Seedstars Smartscale


    Our sustainable tourism startup Impact Explorer is one of the startups joining the Smartscale acceleration platform.

Books & Publications

Here’s some of the business books I’ve been reading recently.


Keep Going

An open and honest look at creativity for those of us who struggle to get started and then actually produce something we'll be proud of.


The 5AM Club

A cheesy storyline and somewhat unbelievable characters, bit some really good practical advice within the lines.


High Performance Habits

Perhaps not one of the better books with the same general advice as many others.

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