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How to delete custom fields in Asana

How to delete custom fields in Asana Today I have a quick tutorial about Asana and deleting custom Fields. This came about as a request from a client, they typically asked "how do I delete a custom field in Asana" so let's take a look. Here we have our Asana project...

How to save Airtable data to a PDF document using the gallery view

How to save Airtable data to a PDF document using the gallery view In this video we're going to look at creating pdf documents from Airtable data. This was an issue that was brought to me by one of my startups. They have lots of data within Airtable and often need to...

Integrate Pipedrive into Asana for Seamless Task and Project Management

How to create an Asana project and tasks when a Pipedrive deal is won This video shows how to set up Zapier to connect to Pipedrive and Asana such that when a deal is won an Asana project is set up and tasks can be added and assigned. Essentially putting data from...

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Books & Publications

Here’s some of the business books I’ve been reading recently.


Keep Going

An open and honest look at creativity for those of us who struggle to get started and then actually produce something we'll be proud of.


The 5AM Club

A cheesy storyline and somewhat unbelievable characters, bit some really good practical advice within the lines.


High Performance Habits

Perhaps not one of the better books with the same general advice as many others.

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