How to Restore Deleted Bases in Airtable (and records)

How to restore deleted bases in Airtable (and records)

In this video I’m going to show you how to restore both deleted records and deleted bases in Airtable.


In this video I’m going to look at what happens when you delete items inside Airtable.

You can see that there are a number of levels in terms of the items that you delete. In the worst case scenario if you happen to delete an entire base then it will appear here in the trash icon on the left hand side and thankfully I haven’t accidentally deleted any bases from my account in the last seven days.

Just in case someone makes you know about a serious mistake they will end up here. So at worst as long as you don’t leave it for more than a week the old bases will be here and you can restore them. When the base is here, there’s a little icon that says restore and you can restore the entire base.

What is probably more likely is that you will delete a record and this didn’t used to work in the same way, but here you used to be able to press the history button and go into trash and then look at your trash from here but as you can see with the functionality changes in air table it’s now moved and you’ll see that there is now a trash icon next to the history icon.

So if you click on this trash can the changes in air table now allow you to restore items that have been deleted in the last 7 days.
It’s not a perfect solution but again you can see the items that I have deleted these are individual rows individual records I had a little bit of a tidy up earlier in the week and then you can just again click on this restore link here and it will put the data back into the records.

So that’s it, that’s just a quick summary of the two areas that you can recover your deleted or trashed items from air table

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How to Restore Deleted Bases and Records in Airtable

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How to Restore Deleted Bases in Airtable

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