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Asana Training

My Asana Training Courses

My experience in training clients with Asana generally falls into a few main areas:

  • Getting Started with Asana
  • Project Management with Asana
  • Understanding how Asana works
  • Tools Tricks and Integration
Asana Training

Asana Training

Getting Started with Asana

I would say that this is where I spend about 70% of my time, and where most clients run into issues. Setting up Asana can be confusing if you don’t have a lot of experience with the tool. The principles I take are:

  • Keep it simple to start
  • Ensure that Asana supports your business and doesn’t add extra workload
  • Avoid changing your process to fix around Asana
  • There are always questions about Project Setup, Tasks and Subtasks. Shortly followed by those on Custom Fields and Tags. I often hear the phrase, “Our business is a bit different”. That may be, but the problems clients run into are generally the same when they learn Asana. Then there are questions about:

  • Your work email address, and domain
  • The addresses of collaborators in a team
  • Visibility of projects and tasks and who can see what
  • Who has access.
  • Did you know Asana has training built in for new hire onboarding ?
    There are a multitude of other resources also available online.

    Project Management

    Project and Task Management with Asana

    I’ve been using Asana since 2008. During this time the software has changed almost beyond recognition. The principles of good project management haven’t though. As part of my training sessions we can also look at how you manage your projects and tasks, how the team is resourced and structured and how communication happens. Given that you will probably have other systems, processes and software in place, we look at how all of these work within, or outside of Asana. This is great for everyone, from project management pros to a complete beginner.
    I also spend time on reporting, portfolios and resourcing with Project Managers and Team Leaders.

    Asana Training
    Asana Training


    Understanding how Asana Works

    Here is where you learn the details and some cool stuff. (Try hitting Tab-B for example). It doesn’t matter if you have the free version or the enterprise edition, there’s a huge amount of power within the application and recent changes have seen even more features appear. This is where you really learn about Asana. I take you through all of the features, and we look at how relevant they are to what you do within your processes.

    Asana Masterclass

    Tools Tricks and Integration

    This section is really the Asana training masterclass. Here we look at everything from inbox, customising views, integrating to 3rd party applications and even automation through Zapier. Asana recently introduced rules and forms and we look at how you can automate changes to tasks projects and key milestones based on this. We can also look at integrating Asana to your other management software. So CRM, GSuite, Airtable Databases, your website and a multitude of other connections. This is where things take a big leap and how so much time can be saved by automating these processes.

    Asana Training

    Asana Masterclass

    Custom Asana Training

    Yes, all of this is customised for your team, your business and your needs. That’s where the real value comes. This is not just a standard training session, we look at your Asana setup, and use your tasks and projects as examples.

    As a bonus everything is recorded through screen sharing too, and you get to keep the video sessions.

    My Approach To Training

    “I can’t imagine being without Asana now. We have all our internal and customer projects so well organised and everyone can see at a glance where we are. No more preparing terrible Project Reports, thanks so much Chris.”


    Product Manager

    “Before we used Asana, we didn’t have content and project calendar that everyone could see. We missed a few deadlines and knew we had to get better organised and communicate more openly within the team. Chris took us through our projects one by one and better explained the planning principles. I’ve no idea why we didn’t do this sooner. “


    Operations Manager

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